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Brazilian Government Document Digitization Project
Almanak Laemmert (1844-1889)

 National Presidential Messages (Brasil)

De Deodoro da Fonseca (1890) até Itamar Franco (1993)

Provincial Reports: São Paulo

Texto inaugural

Discurso que o presidente da província de São Paulo dirigiu á Assembléia Legislativa Provincial na abertura da sua sessão ordinária em 7 de janeiro de 1838. S. Paulo, na Typ. do Governo, 1838.

Texto final

Relatório com que o exm. sr. dr. João Baptista Pereira, presidente da província de S. Paulo passou a administração ao 2.o vice presidente, exm. sr. barão de Três Rios. [Santos] Typ. a Vapor do Diário De Santos, [n.d.]

Relatório apresentado a Assembléia Legislativa Provincial de São Paulo na primeira sessão da décima oitava legislatura no dia 2 de fevereiro de 1868 pelo presidente da mesma província, o conselheiro Joaquim Saldanha Marinho. São Paulo, Typ. do Ypiranga, 1868.

Ministerial Reports (Brasil 1821-1960)

Hartness Guide to Statistical Information

Subject access to selected statistical information found in the state-level messages is provided through the following links from the Subject Guide to Statistics in the Presidential Reports of the Brazilian Provinces, 1830-1889 compiled by Ann Hartness.

Almanach Encyclopedico- 1896

Prefácio de Eça de Queiroz

Fac-Símile (Capa)


Les Pronostications et Almanachs de Michel Nostradamus

Almanach des Muses

Almanach de poésie avec une petite partie critique, publié par Sautereau de Marsy chez Delalain de 1765 à 1794 et chez Louis, à Paris de 1795 à 1808, en 48 volumes in-18.
Un frontispice pour chaque volume, dessiné et gravé par Poisson, à l'exception de celui de 1785, dessiné et gravé par Huet. Quelques-uns ne sont pas signés. A partir de 1795, les frontispices sont dessinés par Bornet, Chaillou, Maréchal, Monnet et Queverdo, et gravés par Baquoy, Delvaux, Dien et Noël.
L'Almanach des Muses a été publié jusqu'en 1833.
(Extrait de Cohen, Bibliographie des livres à vignettes du XVIIIe siècle, 1880)
Sautereau de Marsy est aussi le co-éditeur des Annales poétiques


A obra acima foi extraida do site Textes Rares (francês)

Témoignages sur le monde de l'édition du XVe au XIXe siècle,
textes et images / Texts and pictures from the 15th to the 19th century

Plus de 3000 images et 200 textes en ligne


A site about pocket calculators with many links and a large selection of pictures, including pictures of many calculators from Europe, including Eastern Europe.

The HP Calculator Museum which covers this influential brand of calculator in detail.

Old Calculators, a page about one individiual's collection of old electronic and mechanical calculators.

A site about the desktop calculators produced by Wang Laboratories.

Old-Time Radio Premiums is a site with some Captain Midnight and Little Orphan Annie decoder wheels displayed.

The View-Master® Homepage, an unofficial site

The View-Master Ultimate Reel List, which is just what its title says

View-Master Viewers, another interesting site (uses frames).

This site has information about some rare and old viewers missed by other sites.

LEGO® Purists' Web Site, a page for people who feel that bricks should be useful in building anything.

Meccano Home Page, an official Community Content Provider, but on the same server as this mere personal home page.

Burma Shave Slogans, one of several locations with this apparently complete list of the old Burma-Shave signs.

The Telephone Exchange Name Project, a site that assembles information about the time when the first two digits in every telephone number were given as two letters, beginning a word, possibly identifying the neighborhood the telephone exchange covered.

The UNIVAC 1107/1108/1110 Instruction Set is the subject of this site, by the founder of the company that gave us AutoCAD.

And here is the BESM-6 Nostalgia Page, which gives the instruction set of an old Soviet computer with a 48-bit word.

A site with coverage of the DEC PDP-1 computer, a computer with an 18-bit word length that began the story of the company that brought the world the PDP-8 and the Alpha.

This site features the excellent computer collection of Paul Pierce, including many DEC minicomputers.

The Mind Machine Web Museum has pictures of many old computers.

An excellent history of computing from the 1970s onwards.



The Unofficial John Williams Home Page, in its new location. Like my site, it was created with the aid of a text editor.

The Lesley Gore Homepage is another page about this singer.

What is Change Ringing? is the question answered at this web page.

Artes Gráficas

The Escher Art Collection, a site that displays some of the artwork of Maurits C. Escher with permission.

Entrenimento, Literatura, e outros


And this site concerns the works of Robert A. Heinlein.

A Harry Turtledove Website, about this author who specializes in alternate history novels, such as A Different Flesh.

Her Majesty's Secret Servant is an interesting site about James Bond, with information on the novels and the films. Another page about this famous fictional secret agent is also offered.

The H. P. Lovecraft Archive, a page about an author of unusual science-fiction horror works., a site about Douglas Adams' The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

You've read the translation of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat by Edward Fitzgerald, with about 100 quatrains. But this translation contains 500 quatrains (and Omar Khayyam actually wrote about 850 of them which survive)!

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest has this as its official home.


A page about the science-fiction television show The Time Tunnel, which has recently become available again to Canadian viewers thanks to Space: The Imagination Station.

This site is the unofficial Avengers Home Page.

This site, a personal home page, has sections on Space 1999 and a number of other television shows.

And this site commemorates Hogan's Heroes.

This site involves both nostalgia and television: The Golden Age of TV Space Heroes.

Comic Books

A page devoted to the comic book Space Family Robinson, another one I enjoyed from Gold Key.

The Kryptonian Cybernet, the site of an electronic newsletter related to DC Comics and Superman in particular.

A page discussing many of the old DC comics featuring Superman and related characters.

This site, The Marvel Family Web, commemorates the former Fawcett superhero Captain Marvel.

This is the official site for the Star Wars® series of movies.

Fotos (Almanaque das fotos - imperdível)

A Foto Search Banco de Imagens permite que seus usuários naveguem por mais de 50 websites especializados em imagens em apenas um site! Existem mais de 700 mil imagens disponíveis, inclusive fotos, ilustrações royalty-free, fotos clipart, mapas de vetores royalty free e imagens de planos de fundo clip art.

 Foto Search Banco de Imagens

Matemática, Ciência, e Tecnologia


A page within the web site for the U.S.S. Pampanito, now a museum in the Fishermen's Wharf area of San Fransisco, that describes the SIGABA cipher machine used with it, in considerable detail - said details having been declassified only recently.

The Crypto Drop Box, a rich treasure trove of cryptographic resources, and the web site of the American Cryptogram Association, an organization you may have heard of if you've read Gaines' Elementary Cryptanalysis.

The home page of David A. Wagner, originator of the Boomerang Attack.

The home page of Eli Biham, the originator of differential cryptanalysis.

Cryptologic Nooks and Crannies, an excellent site about codebooks and pencil-and-paper ciphers. Jim Reeds, at AT&T, also has an excellent page about code books, including a large text file listing those in existence, and several code books are described on Rick Fowler's home page which also deals with several other topics.

Computer Security, Encryption, and Cryptanalysis, the home page of J. Peschel, lists a considerable number of resources about computing and cryptography. Mr. Peschel also has, at another location, a copy of the fine Classical Cryptography Course, converted to HTML, on the web. (Actually, it is accessible from his main site, but the link may not be visible on some older browsers.)

Toby's Cryptopage: a fine site in Sweden, with information on many cipher machines, and many fine pictures.

The following Canadian page includes a large number of photographs of many cipher machines, including several recent ones for which descriptions cannot be included.

David Hamer's web site, with information about cipher machines including some papers.

An unofficial web page about the activities of Canada's black chamber, or counterpart to the NSA: the Communications Security Establishment.

The Spooks Newsletter, an archive of a newsletter with a considerable amount of information about codes and ciphers. Its primary topic is listening to the mysterious "numbers stations" and utility transmissions of a mysterious nature.

Codebreaker Online; the web site for R. Reynard, author of the book "Secret Code Breaker" and other books in the series, books with accompanying computer programs to interest the younger reader in the fascinating world of codes and ciphers.

And here is The Data Encryption Page, an award-winning site, and Encypher's home page, with an essay on conventional cryptography, and the Bolo page, with information on Diffie-Hellman and other algorithms, and Data Encryption and Cryptography.


A site that seems to contain an outline of much of modern mathematics; pages from it often turn up in my web searches. Due to the publication in book form of the information from this site, it is not all available each day.

The home page of Mike Keith which has quite a bit of information about topics in recreational mathematics.

The Geometry Junkyard, a site with links to many interesting pages about geometry, some with nice pictures.

This page is about Peek, a computer program for visualizing the four-dimensional solids which are similar to the Platonic solids.

And this page belongs to the individual who coined the word polychoron for a four-dimensional polytope.

A page about Octave, a symbolic math language available as part of the GNU project.

The Atlas of Finite Group Representations

The web site for the Mars Global Surveyor.


The home page for Minix, the operating system that inspired Linux.

The web site of Dr. Dobb's Journal, a magazine for microcomputer software developers.


The Picture Gallery of Map Projections by Hans Havlicek displays a variety of map projections in different aspects.

A beautiful page on map projections, by Carlos A. Furuti.

A page concerning Map History with many links.

Comunicação e Sinalização

Signal Flag Systems: a page within a maritime history site that gives several old systems, in addition to the current one, of signal flags used by ships.

A page from a Computer Museum in Amsterdam, by Dik Winter, giving codes used with computers and in communications.

Recreações diversas


The Chess Variants Pages: includes downloadable version of that giant site, with information on nearly any variant version of chess you may have heard of.

The homepage of Arthur Olsen, with an extensive section on the game of checkers.

I Collect Monopoly Sets, a nice page with information about the many international versions of Monopoly.

Phil Holland's Shogi Page, about the Japanese version of chess.

The Roman Board Games page, many illustrations.

And this page is about Gess, a form of chess played with the Go stones and board which is perhaps too profound for mere human beings.


John Vansickle's Science-Fiction Pages contain some humorous articles giving a look at infamous plot cliches found in science-fiction on the small and silver screens.


Eric's history of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines is a site about the history of the search for perpetual motion, and the frauds that have been perpetuated during that search.